Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ministry can reward states and municipalities that improve NHS management

Brasilia - The Minister of Health, Alexandre Padilha, signaled today (25) that can adopt the policy of rewarding states and districts that opt for measures to improve the management of the Unified Health System (SUS) and extend their service to the public. "Rewarding those who make more and better for the population.

That is our strategy to transfer any discussion of states and municipalities and the relationship with the philanthropic sector, "he said. Since taking over the folder, Padilla has stated that one of his priorities is to improve the functioning of the NHS and other bodies related to health.

Following the guidance of President Rousseff, the minister has talked, for example, business leaders to develop a management plan for the National Health Foundation (FUNASA). Last week, he met with members of the Institute of Management Development, management consulting business, which will make a diagnosis of Funasa.

It is estimated that the survey is completed within a month. The institute will further analyze the system for purchasing medicines and equipment of the ministry. Padilla was also meeting with businessman Jorge Gerdau. About setting the board of FUNASA target of friction between the PT and the PMDB, the minister avoided talking about the partisan dispute and reaffirmed that their commitment is to reorganize the state to meet the goals established in the Growth Acceleration Program (CAP).

The foundation is responsible for bringing sanitation to towns with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants. Regarding the regulation of Constitutional Amendment 29, which fixed percentages of pass-through federal, state and local health, Padilla said it was up to Congress to "ensure stable funding for health, independent of government" and set the font resource .

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