Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dog and cat bed ever in the infection is around the corner

LONDON - Although it is considered man's best friend, it is best to keep him away from the sheets. Who has a dog or a cat in the house often treated as a child or a family member. Many are unaware, however, that the pampering of a pet, while making good mood, can be a vehicle of infection, from the mundane to the most serious.

The experts say the University of California. In particular, Bruno Chomel, a professor of the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine, the journal of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) United States, Emerging Infectious Diseases, has published a study in which pooled the results of an extensive list of studies.

Ministry can reward states and municipalities that improve NHS management

Brasilia - The Minister of Health, Alexandre Padilha, signaled today (25) that can adopt the policy of rewarding states and districts that opt for measures to improve the management of the Unified Health System (SUS) and extend their service to the public. "Rewarding those who make more and better for the population.

That is our strategy to transfer any discussion of states and municipalities and the relationship with the philanthropic sector, "he said. Since taking over the folder, Padilla has stated that one of his priorities is to improve the functioning of the NHS and other bodies related to health.

Jungle crisis - campers in cabin fever

She goat, and at war: the inhabitants of the jungle camps are only one and a half weeks together in the jungle, but already raw nerves. Has she packed the cabin fever? FOCUS-Online Editor Helwi Braun Miller

Influence, 6 kids to bed in ten Pediatricians: too few vaccinations

The epidemic flue is spreading among children Italian and guilt is the fact that very few families have resorted to preventive vaccine. And 'the prosecution of Joseph Mele, president of the Italian Federation of pediatricians, "We are at the peak - he said - now 60% of children are in bed." Mele spoke of influence in Milan at the presentation of a motion of the UDC regional directors to promote vaccination against meningitis.

Remedies have up to 5% adjustment in the Amazon since the beginning of the year

- Since the beginning of the year, drug dealers and began to readjust the prices of medicines. According to the Union of Retail Drug Amazonas (Sindidrogas), the increase varies between 3.4% and 5%. But consumers should be aware of promotions and search for prices to avoid paying more. Currently, there are some 700 drugstores in the Amazon, of which 400 only in Manaus.

Of these, 150 are associated with Sindidrogas. Visiting some drugstores from Manaus, the report found that the same drug can be found with the value up to three times more expensive, as is the case of cephalexin, an antibiotic for a sore head, in a drug cost $ 9.90 and another R $ 31.90.

Antibiotics do not they go make it fragile?

Antibiotics will not weaken your child but, by dint of taking them, we may select more resistant germs. Before age 2 years, antibiotic treatment is systematic. After that, it is not always justified: it depends on the appearance of the eardrum and the child's background. Who, anyway, will defend better and better and as he grows older.

Increases the pool does the risk of ear infection?

Again, the problem arises mainly in the external ear: you should keep that water enters the ear. More generally, the pool is not recommended in cases of otitis, as it promotes the spread of infection. Cold, the child is particularly vulnerable to other germs it's hard to dry out.